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A forum for all who want to talk Philosophy. This tribe is also the webpage for the "Philosophy in L.A." discussion group, which meets every month (an actual, old-fashioned, face-to-face get together), usually on 2nd or 3rd Sunday at 5:00 PM in Santa Monica (see the event listing on this webpage for location & directions). However, you do not need to currently attend our gatherings, or to live in L.A., to participate in this tribe, as long as you enjoy reasoned, respectful discussion. Debate is encouraged.

Also, check out our group's other webpage,

Feel free to continue discussing any question or issue from one of our meetings, or any other philosophical topic you want to talk about. We discuss all areas of Philosophy and the philosophical aspects of the great issues of the day, though we have a bent towards Value Theory and the Philosophy of Mind, including such subfields and topics as Ethics, Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, some issues in the Philosophy of Religion/Spirituality, Phenomenology, Medical Ethics, "Technology and Philosophy," "The Good and the Good Life," questions related to "The Meaning of Life," the nature of Rationality, Wisdom, and similar questions. However, we certainly do not limit ourselves to these areas.

This Website/Tribe also serves as our place to post articles related to topics we have talked about or that you want to talk about in a future meeting, to suggest questions and topics you would like to talk about at upcoming meetings, to let everyone know about movies or books that have interesting philosophical themes or ideas, to talk to people you have met at meetings, or to plan get-togethers with other meeting participants.

Watch the "Listings" area and "Events" area of this web page for announcements of upcoming meetings and other gatherings. You can vote by email for your favorite topic for the next meeting.

We currently meet at the Community Room at the Colorado Center, in Santa Monica. However, if you have any ideas for a hot, new meeting place, we might be open to that, so post it on this page or email it to the moderator.

To give you a more specific idea of what we talk about at our gatherings, check out our list of topics on our discussion board.

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Virtue Ethics and Its Critics  topic
Neanderthal Laws  topic
Virtue Ethics and Its Critics  topic
Virtue Ethics and Its Critics  topic
Must A Theory Be Falsifiable To Be Scientific?  topic
Virtue Ethics and Its Critics  topic
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"Nothingness": Could There be Such a Thing? D...  topic
Continuing Notes On The Ontology Of Time  topic
What Is Beauty And Why Does Beauty Exist?  topic
Religious Liberty Versus Legal Obligation  topic
Moral Cognitivism vs. Non-Cognitivism  topic
The Fallacy Of The Golden Mean  topic
The Nature of Emotions  topic
Natural Kinds: What Are They & Do They Exist?  topic
Are Numbers Real? Are Theorems True?  topic
When Is It A Good Idea To Deceive Yourself?  topic
REVENGE: what's wrong with vengeance, if anything?  topic
Rawls’ Theory Of A Just Society  topic

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